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Know the facts before starting any treatments....

Laser Hair Removal | IPL Hair Reduction

Firstly and most importantly if you are having any form of laser or IPL hair removal in the United Kingdom check to see if the beauty salon or other establishment you are intending to use is registered with the Healthcare Commission (sometimes known as the Care Standards Commission).

Healthcare Commission

It is a legal requirement to be registered but many don't bother because they don't meet the required standard or find it too difficult to register. Ask yourself do you really want to be treated with a laser by someone who does not meet the required standard, or who can't fill in a few forms and put together a safe operating prodedure? You will hear all sorts of excuses about how hard it is to gain a registration, we know, we have done it and we are regularly re-inspected as are many other reputable salons.

Independent healthcare providers in England must be registered with the Healthcare Commission this includes Beauty Salons using laser or IPL or similar hair removal devices. To register, they need to demonstrate compliance with the Care Standards Act 2000 and associated regulations. The Healthcare Commission tests providers’ compliance at least annually by assessing each registered establishment against a set of National Minimum Standards, which were published by the Government for that purpose and set out the expected standards for different types of independent health services.

The Healthcare Commission does not recommend or endorse any orginsations but by being registered it does show that the orginsation meets the minimum standards of practice, including:

  • quality of treatment
  • checks of premises and equipment
  • qualifications and skills of staff
  • policies and procedures
  • training and professional development
  • complaints procedures

Check the Healthcare Commission web site www.healthcarecommission.org.uk and search for details of the clinic you intend to use. If it's not there then the clinic is operating illegally and you will be putting yourself at risk. Remember if they are not registered but perform treatments that require registration then their insurance may not cover them, as they are practicing outside the law!


Botox® injections are not yet covered by the Healthcare Commission but it is likely to be included in the Autumn of 2006, however they do have to be performed by a registered Doctor, NOT a nurse or Beaty Therapist.

On this web site we aim to give advice and news on specialty beauty treatments such as laser and IPL hair removal, Botox and Restylane treatments, highlighting the pro's and con's of each treatment and the likely results you can expect however it is recommended that you do your homework and read as much unbiased information as you can about the surgery or procedure to understand the risks, side effects and possible complications. Do NOT be pressurised into having treatment immediately, take time to consider what will be best for you. Take advice from your GP and don't fall for the old trick of being offered a big discount if you sign up today. Any reputable practioner will want you to take your time and will still offer you the same discount next week.

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